Shutdown Closes Tennessee Marina Access

Deneisha Pearson

WAVERLY, Tenn. -- The effects of the federal government shutdown are now being felt at area marinas.

Ron Harper says that Cuba Landing is one of his favorite places to visit; however, the army veteran who served in Vietnam and Afghanistan says he was kicked out.

Cuba Landing is run by the federal government, so taking his boat there is technically a crime.

“This is just another example of how the government come in and stick a ticket on my windshield,” Harper said.

The write up was given by the U.S Fish and Wildlife service. Cuba Landing officials say the property is leased to them by the federal government.

“I can find other places to launch my boat, but I really felt sorry for them,” Harper said. “There were people here from Baltimore who rented boats.”

Harper says it breaks his heart to watch a country he fought so hard for, change before his eyes.

“It made me angry and sad because its so senseless and I really felt sorry for the Cuba Landing Marina people,” Harper said. “They're a private business.”

Harper's wife works for the government and has been furloughed. For now the couple will have to live off their savings.

“She told me this morning that she's not even getting paid for the time that she has already worked,” Harper said. “Apparently no one was there to process her payroll.”

We reached out to U.S. Fish and Wildlife for comment, but they were unavailable because they too are closed due to the shutdown.


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