Cuts Expected in New Madison County Budget

Joe Sullivan

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.- As of right now, Madison County is $1.3 million over budget for the general fund from next year.

Finance Committee members met searching for ways to trim the budget.

Will the Madison County Sheriff's Department get an increase for pay raises? Will the library get money to make improvements?
Just two of the questions for the budget committee.

"I just sort of see us having two years like this that are going to be flat or somewhat flat when you use the phrase tightening the belt so to speak," said Budget Chairman Doug Stephenson.

John Newman is Madison County Trustee.
He has been with the county for more than 20 years.

"This is the first time that we are actually having to use less dollar amounts to plug into the budget so there is less money to spend this year than it was last year with the same tax rate," said Newman.

The property tax had been up five percent a year ago. It is now down one percent.

Retail stores and businesses appealed their value causing the problem for the county.

"I am not sweating like a wild banshee over here yet our committee is not either. We are going to be o.k.," said Stephenson.

All of the Madison County departments that requested more money will be back in a special meeting next week explaining why they need the money.


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