Dangerous & Disruptive Winter Storm

Meteorologist Erik Taylor

JACKSON, Tenn.- A wicked and wacky winter storm hit West Tennessee Sunday night into Monday morning. The storm brought a little bit of everything from rain and strong thunderstorms that produced hail to start and even thunder snow and sleet.

Some West Tennesseans are left a bit confused to what season we're really in after experiencing the spring like conditions of a few days ago.

"Well, I really think Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. Cause it was warm last week now it cold this weekend," Jackson resident Jaime Elliott said. Quite frankly, I think the kids are probably happy they're out of school. I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind." .

Despite how it felt days ago, we are still in the winter season and this icy storm proves it.

"You know tree limbs are falling everywhere," Jackson resident Robert Hudeson said. "We had one last night fall and hit our air conditioner unit, which took our heat out."

You are probably pretty curious to why this happened. Sunday, West Tennessee had an area of low pressure and a cold front that met up just right to produce our significant ice event. Warm air stayed in place near the surface across the I-40 Corridor creating a tug of war battle before the changeover to freezing rain and sleet occurred. The size of this warm layer dictated the precipitation type. As the day began the warm layer was right at the surface which allowed for rain. Eventually the surface temperature went below freezing which allowed for freezing rain. Cold air continued to move in shrinking the warm layer creating sleet. By Monday morning, the cold air won out as it is more dense and sinks to the surface creating snow.

The slick conditions will continue though overnight Monday into Tuesday. West Tennessee has another shot at wintry weather for midweek but will begin to thaw out with temperatures approaching 60 degrees by Friday.


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