Community Reacts to Decatur Co. Fireman's Death

Empriss Campbell

Flags flew at half staff Sunday throughout Decatur county for a fallen hero.

Resident in Decatur county are still in shock over the death of volunteer fire fighter Kenny Fox.

People in the small town said he was a great person who would do anything for anyone.

Decatur resident, Timothy Grace said, "This is a great loss to the city and the county because Kenny is the type of person to put everybody first. It didn't matter who you was or whatever. He treated everybody the same."

Fox died early Saturday morning when a roof fell on top of him while responding to a fire at a local restaurant.

Authorities said the 39 year old was able to save two of his fellow firefighters lives before being buried under the rubble.

Former Deputy of the Decatur Sheriff's Department said he was not surprised to hear about Fox's bravery.

Waylon Inman said, "That doesn't surprise me at all about Kenny. Kenny was always about others. It was proven that he put others before he put himself."

Inman said the word hero is not strong enough to describe Fox.

"He was a natural born leader. He was a person that guided many that taught many the right ways to do things," said Inman.

Fox was heavily involved within Decatur County he was the Chief of Police in Decatur, Fire Chief, and he worked full time at the Sheriff's Department.


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