Decaturville Firefighter Laid to Rest

Empriss Campbell

Hundreds of people came out to celebrate and mourn the life of a West Tennessee hero.

Decaturville Fire Chief Kenny Fox was laid to rest Tuesday.

A close friend to the family, Mary-Beth Duke said she was pleased and honored to support the family in any way.

"Kenny was truly an honorable man. For us Kenny was not only law enforcement but rescue squad fire department...anything you needed there was Kenny Fox," said Duke.

Trinity Assembly of God in Decaturville was packed to capacity with Fox's family and friends, even strangers.

Firefighters and police officers from across the country came out to pay there last respects.

"It's always sad when something like this happens because it doesn't matter if it's someone you know or you don't its still one big family," said Melissa Foor.

One member of the church said she has never seen so many people show this kind of support and she feels honored to be a part of the services.

"I've never in my life seen nothing like here today. It is great to be out here. Just like the preacher said it should be a celebration," said
Maxine Flowers.

Mary-Beth Duke says she will miss seeing Fox around town.

"We use to laugh and say, "Where's Kenny?" Kinda like your looking for most anybody. Kenny would be at any event it didn't matter," said Duke.

The 39-year-old died fighting a fire early Saturday morning at Oak Hill Cafe.

But not before saving the lives of two firefighters, by pushing them out of the burning restaurant before the roof caved-in.


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