Deer Wreaks Havoc In Downtown Humboldt

Empriss Campbell

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Betty Luckey came very close to a big buck and lived to talk about it.

"I just heard a loud crash and the next thing I knew, my whole computer stand was turning over and there was blood everywhere."

Luckey works at a CPA office in downtown Humboldt and said the sound of the deer crashing through the window was so frightening she thought she was injured.

"I thought I had been shot, it scared us all," said Luckey.

Luckey and her co-workers were going through their normal Monday duties when they say a four-point to six-point buck crashed into the glass of their office window.

"It saw its reflection in our window and I think that what he was trying to get to it," said Luckey.

Luckey said they may not have the deer mounted on the wall but he will be remembered.

"In January when tax season comes, we will remember the buck that tried to get into the tax office," said Luckey.


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