Heather Wright


Deputies: Children Found in Deplorable Conditions

Deneisha Pearson

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. -- Three young children were found in what was described as deplorable conditions last Sunday morning; now their parents are in custody.

Sandy Kee called her neighbors' relationship turbulent.

"[A] couple days before she got arrested she had black eyes and she was all beat up," Kee said.

Carlos and Heather Wright are both charged with aggravated child endangerment after police say their newborn, a 1-year-old and 2-year-old were all found in the back of their mothers car in diapers, soaked in urine and feces.

Heather Wright faces an additional count of drunk driving .

"If you live in an abusive relationship it's hard, it's hard on any mother," Kee said.

Police said neighbors called 911 around 1:30 Sunday morning after finding Heather and her children in a filthy, stalled car.

"Neighbors say Heather had been looking for her husband all Saturday night but in the middle of her frantic search, she ran out of gas on Cedar Grove Rd.

Carlos was later arrested and charged in connection with his children's conditions.

"We're kind of mad, basically upset, appalled that anybody would treat their children or anybody else's that way," Sheriff Tony King said.

The claims of abuse between Carlos and Heather have not been confirmed but Sheriff King says deputies have been called to their house for domestic disputes in the past. Deputies said Heather Wright faces additional drug and neglect charges.

Both are currently jailed in lieu of $10,000 bond.

The children are now in state custody.


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