Deputies Door Knock Sex Offenders in Madison County

Cyndi Lundeberg

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - Living near a sex offender can be a concern for families especially if children are involved. That Is why the Madison County Sheriff's Department is doing something about it.

Sheriff's deputies are doing what they call a sex offender registry check. Deputies said this check should make families feel more safe and they believe it actually keeps offenders from getting into any more trouble.

Lieutenant Felicia Stacy said these checks are doing a couple times and have been very successful.

" We're going door to door knocking on the doors and making sure they are living where they're supposed to be," she said.

The checks of the home include searching residences for children, child pornography, and for felons making sure they have no access to weapons within the residence.

The Madison County Sheriffs Department said routine checks like these on sex offenders are important to help keep the community safe by having the most up to date information about where they are and what they are doing.

"If somebody's not complying and doing what their supposed to be they've got to pay the consequences," Stacy said.

In total, the Madison County Sheriff's Department checked 45 registered sex offenders primary and secondary addresses. Stacy said she finds her job rewarding but said she is also aware of the potential danger.

"You have to be very careful you're going into a residence. There is someone there that's an offender that has committed a crime before."

Lieutenant Stacy said these checks are performed a couple times a year and in the past few years the number of sex offenders has actually decreased. She said there were no arrests in the operation.


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