Eric Lewis


Deputies: Man Found Naked Hugging Fan

Meghan Pinkley

MARTIN, Tenn. - Some unusual behavior has an entire West Tennessee neighborhood talking after several residents spotted a naked man running through their lawns, Tuesday.

Officials said the naked man, Eric Lewis, told them he was trying to beat the heat and had even taken a dip in a nearby pond. Investigators say his strange behavior can likely be blamed on drug use.

Michael Guthrie was one of the people who encountered Lewis. He said he saw him as he finished with his lunch break. "My guy was out there working. And he came in and told me there was a guy in the back of the shop naked which I did not believe."

Guthrie said he had to see it to believe it. When he went outside he said he spotted the naked man running out of his shop. "His butt print was on our air conditioner and he was actually sitting on it soaking it up," said Guthrie.

According to Weakley County Deputies, Lewis, 35, of Martin, was found in Guthrie's cabinet shop naked and hugging a fan. Lewis admitted he had been swimming and got hot.

Investigators said Lewis' absurd behavior was better explained when they found his car about a mile down the road near an abandoned home. Deputies reported finding many meth making materials outside of Lewis's car along with needles all in the same area.

Although neighbors like Hue Killewbrew, who said when he saw the naked man he covered his wife's eyes and yelled, "Don't look Ethel." They are lucky the situation was not worse.

"Later I started thinking I'm like what if he would of just came in the house instead of the garage and shop and stuff because it's a lot cooler," added Shelby Guthrie.

Lewis has been charged with indecent exposure and manufacture of methamphetamine and remains behind bars at the Weakley County Jail.


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