Vick Kendrick


Deputy Demoted After Assault Investigation
7 Eyewitness News Staff

A Madison County Sheriff's Deputy under investigation after assault complaints has been demoted.

According to Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork, Sergeant Vick Kendrick was presented with a statement of charges on three departmental policy violations, Tuesday.

Kendrick waived his rights to an administrative hearing and accepted a demotion in rank from sergeant to deputy, which goes into effect immediately.

The investigation began last Thursday after complaints that Kendrick assaulted two inmates at the Madison County Penal Farm.

The statement of charges said that the investigation found that Sgt. Kendrick struck one inmate on the shoulder with a key chain ball. The same day, Kendrick allegedly grabbed the same inmate and caused him to fall and scratched another inmate twice with a metal washer on his rib cage.

In addition to the demotion, Deputy Kendrick was reassigned by the Sheriff's Department. He will now work at the J. Alexander Leech Criminal Justice Complex/Jail.

Deputy Kendrick’s demotion represents a $6,216.00 reduction in his annual salary and the loss of his supervisory duties.


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