Desperados Court Date After Stabbing

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- An early Sunday morning stabbing at Desperados Night Club in Hamilton Hills is likely adding fuel to the fire for the Mayor's office.The city has already filed a public nuisance order against the club.

The order was filed in March Of last year, citing various calls by Jackson Police. The stabbing on Sunday, involved a woman inside the club who said she was stabbed while on the dance floor.

The club's general manager gave a different account of what happened. He said the woman was poked with an ink pen and the person suspected of stabbing her was kicked out of the club earlier regarding a separate incident.

"We run a safe place here," said Jimmy Jansen, Desperados' general manager. "Things happen but you can feel safe in this establishment."

Police have not released the weapon used in the stabbing. It is still under investigation.


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