Details of Sheriff Woolfork's Sexual Harassment Claims Released

Krystyna Biassou

WEST JACKSON -- New details were released about the sexual relationships that Sheriff David Woolfork allegedly engaged in with two county employees, Monday. 

Deputy Sharon Sangster and Lt. Lisa Balderrama filed sexual harassment lawsuits against Woolfork in October and November 2013, respectively. 

Dickinson Wright, a law firm located in Nashville, conducted interviews with Sangster, Baldarrama, Woolfork and approximately 25 sheriff's office employees to compose the summary of the investigation.

According to the document, Deputy Sangster said she began her sexual relationship with Sheriff Woolfork about two weeks after she was hired in March 2011. 

During an interview, Ms. Sangster claims that, "Sheriff Woolfork gave her money and told her to get a room at a hotel outside of Jackson." 

The Sheriff admits that he did so. 

"[Sangster] was shocked by his request, but agreed to go because Sheriff Woolfork acted her as though having sex with him was a way of repaying her for the special treatment she had received to that point."

In the report, Sangster claims that "Sheriff Woolfork would make comments to her such as, 'are you comfortable with your job?' and 'look what l've done for you.' While at the hotel, Sheriff VVoolfork asked Ms. Sangster to perform oral sex on him. She did not feel comfortable doing that, but she did so anyway. Ms. Sangster was going through a break-up of a relationship at the time and felt vulnerable."

The report goes on to detail the specifics of the relationship that the two carried on until Oct. 2013. 

According to the the investigation of Woolfork and Balderrama's relationship, the two began having sex in 2002, and after that, "At various times during their relationship, Lt. Balderrama travelled (sic) with Sheriff Woolfork to conferences in Las Vegas, Seattle, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Ft. Lauderdale, and numerous trips to Nashville. Lt. Balderrama told me that she does not know who paid her expenses to go on these trips, but she did not pay for them. They also met for sex at a hotel in Milan more than ten times."

Balderrama alleges the sexual  relationship lasted until April 2013, and became "tense" afterward. 

Read the summary of Sharon Sangster's investigation by the Nashville law firm here

Read the summary of Lisa Baldarrama's investigation by the Nashville law firm here



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