Bobo Family Issues Statement

Will Nunley

On Tuesday, the family of Holly Bobo reportedly issued the following statement to the Associated Press in Nashville:

"We could never thank everyone enough for all the kindness that has been shown to our family during this difficult time. Thanks for your search efforts, donations, and especially your prayers for Holly and our Family. I know everyone's daily life, routines, and work must go on, but ours never will until Holly's safe return. Keep your eyes and ears open, and search your own property. Please pray for Holly's strength and everyone who is searching for our precious Holly" Holly Bobo's family.

This is the first time the family has made an official statement since the day after her abduction. To date, the family has not granted any television interviews with immediate family members.

Investigators with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation say that a 'reduced' number of agents do remain in the county, following specific leads.

Officials add that no major 'cracks' in the case have occurred as of this moment.


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