Local Medical Professional Warns Against Sleeping Pills

Deneisha Pearson

JACKSON, Tenn. -- A local doctor weighs in on a recent study that shows Americans rely on prescription sleeping pills.

We first told you Thursday that more than 9 million adults depend on medicine to sleep.

According to the study, more than 4 percent of adults took a sedative in the last month.

Some of the factors affecting sleep include obesity-related sleep apnea, social media and electronics.

Medical professional Charlie Carroll says sleeping pills should be a last resort.

“You've got to find out what causes the sleeping problem," said Carroll. "Taking a sleeping pill can be more dangerous,” .

Experts say maintain a good sleeping pattern to prevent sleep loss.

Carroll recommends avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed.

He also says if you can't sleep at night, don't lay in bed, because it confuses your brain.


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