Brownsville Animal Abuse Investigation


Dogs Injured and being Dropped off at Animal Shelter, Police Investigating

Erica Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn- Brownsville Police are looking for who is responsible for shooting a dog with a BB Gun, leaving him fighting for his life.

A Pit Bull, named Cheveyo, was rescued last Wednesday by Haywood County Animal Control, after being shot multiple times. He was still being treated by a vet for his injuries, but earlier this week doctors removed the last pellet from his head.

Investigators have leads for a location in Brownsville where they think other dogs are being abused. Animal shelter officials said cases like this happen too often in Haywood County.

"We see consistently dogs coming in that are starved to death," said Amber Hendrix, who works at the Brownsville Animal Shelter. They've failed to take them to the vet. I have dogs here that have no hair because of diseases."

Police said animal cruelty is Class A misdemeanor that can carry up to a year in jail if found guilty.


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