Dog Saves Family in Trenton House Fire

Heather Mathis

GIBSON COUNTY Tenn. - A Gibson County family's home was destroyed in a Saturday night fire. The family said they owe their lives to their dog.

Officials said the fire started late Saturday night, and crews worked for several hours to put out the fire. Investigators believed it may have started near the fireplace.

"It's all gone, everything. There was nothing salvageable in the house," homeowner Holly Heuss said.

The family was asleep when the fire started. The couple said their family dog, Robin, warned them of the flames just in time.

"Had it not been for her, I honestly don't know if we would have made it out," said Heuss.

The family visited the home Tuesday, and said the hardest part was seeing their items laying in the rubble. "My mother died when I was 23 years old. I had one picture of my mother, and you can't put a price tag on that. It's gone."

Although the couple and their dog were able to make it out, the family lost a cat in the fire.


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