Dogs Stolen From Animal Shelter

Meghan Pinkley

DRESDEN, Tenn. - Two dogs have been stolen from the lady who is just trying to keep them alive.

Death Row Doggies in Dresden, the animal shelter that was being forced to close and put about 20 dogs to sleep was given a generous donation and was able to stay open for another month. Then on Wednesday, a dog was stolen right out of her front yard.

Owner Deb Ellis said both dogs were taken from their pens in broad daylight while she was out running errands. Now, she is scared to leave her house. Her friends believe someone is stalking her Facebook page or watching her at home.

"I just really hope that whoever took the puppy, took it because they really wanted a pet and not for the wrong reasons," said Ellis.

It started Wednesday morning, Ellis posted on her Death Row Doggies Facebook page that she was going to the vet. When she returned one of her Benji-looking dogs was missing. Ellis said she checked the pen to make sure he did not dig a whole or jump out, but after thoroughly looking, she knew he had been stolen.

Then on Thursday, Ellis went to collect a donation check and when she came back to the house, another dog was gone. This time a Boxer Pit puppy.

Ellis said she does not understand why someone would steal the dogs. Her adoption fee is just $50, which pays for the dogs to be spayed or neutered. "Or were they just not wanting to spay or neuter because they're planning on breeding the dog?" Ellis questioned. Since the second dog stolen is part pitbull, Ellis is concerned someone might use him for dog fighting. Ellis' other concern is the puppy that was stolen has a disease called Coccidity and if the dog does not continue with it's treatment, the puppy will die.

Ellis does not think that someone who really wanted a dog would go about getting it this way. "Somebody who really doesn't care about anybody but themselves," added Ellis.

Ellis hopes the dogs will be returned safely and said they can be dropped back off at the house anytime. If you have any information about where the two missing dogs are you are asked to contact Death Row Doggies Rescue (731) 514-2005.


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