Downtown Henderson Burglar on the Loose

Cyndi Lundeberg

HENDERSON, Tenn. - A string of burglaries in Henderson over the weekend have officers stumped. Many who live and work in the area are also concerned. Thousands of dollars of damage were done to businesses. Items stolen include computers, tools, and even a safe.

The businesses hit in the block wide burglary included: Tri-Star, Work Force Essentials, The Chamber of Commerce, World Acceptance, Bob's Automotive, and Klassic Images.

The Owners of Klassic Images Salon say this is the second time their shop has been broken into. Amanda Hostetler said she wants answers to the break in.

"I would like my family to be safe and not have to worry about things like this," she said.

Hostetler said thousands of dollars of damage was done to her family's salon, all for a bottle of acetone, an ingredient she said is commonly used to make meth. They believe the break-ins were

"When we got in that morning, the salon was just trashed. There was stuff everywhere," she said.

Employees said the burglar climbed through a narrow corridor behind their salon and then smashed a window to break into the back side of the salon.

Henderson Police said any burglary in this area is unusual, let alone six in one night. Assistant Police Chief Leon Johnson said Henderson officers are currently viewing nearby footage and chasing down leads to bring the burglars to justice.

"Most the buildings had several dollars in damage to doors and ways to break in the place. Some, even had broken windows to get in," he said.

Students at nearby Freed-Hardeman University said a campus-wide email was sent out to warn students about the burglaries.

Leah Flinch, 21, said knowing the campus has its own security makes her feel a little better.

"I definitely think these burglaries make people more nervous," she said.

Hostetler said the burglars stole insignificant items, but what they really stole was her and her family's peace of mind.

"We work nights, so it's a little scarier now after dark especially since this is the second times it's happened and still no one's got caught," she said.

Assistant Chief Johnson asks if anyone has any information related to the burglaries to call the Henderson Police Department at (731) 989-5404.


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