Downtown Jackson Businesses React to Lift Opening

Heather Mathis

JACKSON, Tenn. - With the new Lift Wellness Center opening Monday, downtown Jackson business owners are hopeful more traffic will be brought to the area.

The Lift Center held an open house Sunday afternoon. Workers said hundreds showed up to check out the new facility.

"Actually we had a membership goal of 1,000 members by the time we opened, and we were at 1,004 last week," said Miki Martin, director of the center.

The owner of the Downtown Tavern hopes that many people continue to bring their business to downtown Jackson.

"Anything that will bring more traffic downtown is a good thing for everyone down here," said Tavern worker Josh Smith.

The Lift Center is opening in the newly built Jackson Walk Plaza, and Smith said he wants more businesses to open downtown.

"The Lift Center is just the first step."

The Lift will officially open its doors to the public Monday morning.


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