Dozens of Mailboxes Vandalized in Benton County

Cyndi Lundeberg

CAMDEN, Tenn. - Oakdale Road in Camden was just one of several roads in Benton County vandalized. Many residents woke up to damaged mailboxes, others woke up to no mail boxes at all.

Francis Cunningham said the loud noise jolted her awake.
"It was this huge loud 'bang'!", she said.

Other residents said the damages are more than just financial.
"I'll probably have to buy one cause I can't even barely get my mail out," Jordan Goodman said.

Officers in Benton County and Camden said reports of damaged mailboxes have been flooding in for nearly a week. "City and county, both are going to be close to 50 to 60 mailboxes vandalized," Sheriff Tony King said.

A description of a red pickup truck led to the questioning of four teens that admitted to the vandalism. Camden Police said the teens parents will pick up the hefty bill for the damages done.

"I've seen a lot of [mailboxes] down side the road. A lot of them are just smashed just tore to pieces," Goodman said.

Sheriff King said the teens could face a charge for each mailbox vandalized. Francis Cunningham said she did her best to repair her own mail box. She said she was not mad, but just wishes it had not happened at all.

"It's an inconvenience because your might not get your mail if your mailbox is tore up. Then they're not gonna leave your mail and then you could be late on a bill that you're never late on," Cunningham said.

Sheriff King said the teens are charged with vandalism, but could face more charges if the Postal Service chooses to pursue federal action.


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