Dream Center Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - Members at Aldersgate United Methodist Church gave a fresh coat of paint to a Jackson shelter, wrapping up the final weekend of the month of miracles.

Volunteers said it was about helping others and putting their faith into action as they painted the lobby and hallways of the Dream Center Saturday morning.

The shelter houses women and children in Jackson. Members were thrilled with the turnout and the community support.

"Oh, this is wonderful," said volunteer Besty Porter. "I put the call out to the whole church and we've had 20 people here painting. And we've got another crew fixing us lunch. And our preacher is blowing up balloons for the kids while we're painting, so it's been wonderful."

The members said they plan on going back to paint the door frames and more in the near future.


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