Dream Center Increases Security

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- The Dream Center is on alert after seeing a man hiding in the woods behind the shelter Saturday and Sunday nights.

The center's director, Gail Gustafson said Saturday night residents reported hearing someone coughing from the trees. Sunday night, three women staying at the shelter said they saw the man hiding in the woods.

The center was placed on lock down both nights, and Monday residents were told not to go outside alone.

"What if it is a predator? What if it is a domestic violence situation? What if it's an ex boyfriend, or a father of a child. you just never know," said Gustafson.

Jackson Police searched the area and did not find the man, but did find a campground where someone appeared to be staying.

"We have some very sensitive situations here it could be domestic violence situations a lot of folks here and kids. We have to take all the precautions possible for the safety of the families and children here," said Gustafson.

Police have increased patrolling in the area, and are still investigating.


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