Driver Hits Car, Damages House

Brittany Nicholson

NORTH JACKSON, Tenn. -- An early morning accident Wednesday leaves a car crushed against the side of a house.

"I just yelled for my mom because I freaked out. I didn't know what happened. It sounded like somebody crashed through our house," Cantrell Dunlap says he had just dozed off when he heard a loud crash and then his house shook.

"When I jumped up to look out the van was gone out of the driveway and when I opened the door the van was across the yard and against the house," Dunlap said.

Around 3:30 Wednesday morning a vehicle going north on Royal Street went across traffic and into 2 yards. First dragging a bush and then swiping a tree in Dunlap's neighbor, Kimberly Henke's, yard.

"How the heck did that happen? Then realizing he came through my whole yard," Henke said.

She says the vehicle came too close for comfort to her little girls' room.

"I'm very grateful to be here and not somewhere else," Henke said.

After hitting the tree, it then crashed into the side of the Dunlap's van, pushing it across the yard until it slammed into the their house. The vehicle kept going until it hit a light pole. Dunlap says his first thought was his mom, who was sleeping inside the home.

"I just yelled "MAMA! .. I was panicked. I didn't know what happened. I thought somebody died.

Dunlap says their van is totaled. The driver of the vehicle was injured, but the severity of those injuries is not known.

Police say they are still investigating and will determine if alcohol was involved in the accident.


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