Dry Conditions Could Lead to Grass Fires

7 Eyewitness News Staff

With the Jackson area running behind in rainfall totals for the year by almost ten inches, cooking and grilling will be more dangerous than ever when it comes to wildfires.

Firemen said grass and brush, even though green, are very dry and can ignite easily.

Fire and safety officials said everyone should use extreme caution while having outdoor parties that include grills and open fires.

The said to make sure you have a fire extinguisher and water hose nearby.

"The first thing we want them to do is let us know, " said Fire Marshal Wayne Arnold of the Jackson Fire Department. "Let us be on the way and then make a safe attempt to control it. If it's beyond your means to control it, don't stand there and get yourself hurt. Get behind it. Let it go and let us do it, take care of it."

Fire officials said to make certain you keep and eye on any outside
fires and fully extinguish them when you are finished with your cookout.


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