Duck Calling Contest in Union City

Erica Williams

UNION CITY, Tenn- For hours there was duck call after duck call, as local judges picked contestants who made the best call for hunting; and it was all at the Annual Tennessee and Kentucky State Duck Contest, sponsored by Final Flight Outfitters in Union City.

"They use a device made out of acrylic that they blow into to get the sound," Kelly Powers said, co-owner of Final Flight Outfitters.

Dozens of sportsman who have worked year-round to perfect their duck-calling craft, competed for the state championships-- from amateur duck callers to more seasoned ones.

"Duck hunting has always been a love of mine," Junior Duck Calling winner, Jake Wisener said, who says he has been practicing for a year.

Duck callers said if you think it's an easy sport, think again.

"It's hard work everyday," Charles Petty said, a Duck Caller, whose qualified for the World Championship for 25 consecutive years. "You've got to have it in your heart every time you go to the contests."

The World Championship will be held in Arkansas later this year.


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