Dyersburg Crime Down by Half

Erica Williams

DYERSBURG, Tenn. At the beginning of each year, police departments release their annual crime reports, highlighting crime in their area. This week, Dyersburg Police released their numbers from last year's crime rates. Residents said they are not surprised by the results.

"It seems like a new day and a new time," said John Mosley, a Dyersburg business owner. "At one time, I didn't really feel safe."

According to police, burglaries are down by almost 20 percent. The city saw an even bigger drop in vehicle-related crimes, which are down by 55 percent.

Aggravated assaults and shoplifting have both dropped by 23 percent. Dyersburg Police Chief, Arthur Heun said they have worked hard by adding more patrols and focusing on what he considered 'problem-solving' areas.

"You read on many police vehicles to protect and serve," said Chief Heun. "So if the community feels they're safe then it indicative that we're doing our jobs."

Heun said they plan to focus heavily on domestic assault cases, which have increased by more than 50 percent over the last year.


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