Dyersburg Evacuating Due to Flooding

Brittany Noble

May 3, 2010. "Shocked because well, I didn't see no water, sun was shinning like it is today, birds singing, roughly 30 minutes later water surrounded my house," recalled Don Sisk.

Now May 3, 2011 is more like deja vu for Sisk. He and his wife moved out of south Dyersburg after his home was totally destroyed last year. He said most of his neighbors followed suit. "I heard the water is coming back up out here again we just had to see it for ourselves."

"It's amazing to see it two years in a row on the exact same day," said Richard Fortner. He still lives in the area and has been watching the water rise. Waters from the North Fork of the Forked Deer River are flooding into town.

"This is my home, I want to stay as long as I can," explained Fortner.

Businesses along main street are trying to save their property. Members of one area church said they are grateful for the warning, unlike last year.

"Praying for the best, praying with expectation and preparing for the worst," said Pastor Mickey Dodd of the Church of Jesus Christ, Dyersburg.

New and used furniture store owner Tracie Goff, has been working non-stop since Tuesday afternoon and even as night began to fall she and her crew continued on. "Hours, you never know, it just comes up so quick, you don't know."

"My heart goes out to everybody out here but I'm glad I got out boy am I glad I got out," said Sisk.


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