Dyersburg Police Requesting Half a Million for New Technology

Natalie Potts

The Dyersburg Police Department has been working on a proposal for new technology for their squad cars.

Chief Art Heun said his CAD mobile data project might become a reality, if the proposal is approved. Heun said the CAD device would improve their officer safety, which is always a top priority for the department.

"At a minimum, officers are involved weekly in physical contact with somebody where injuries are involved," said Heun.

Now there are at least three Dyersburg police officers off duty due to domestic violence fights, said police.

"We answer probably 10 or 12 domestic calls a day," admitted Sgt. Chuck Barrineau of the Dyersburg Police Dept.

Domestic calls could result in serious injuries if an officer lacks vital information on a suspect's prior history which is a communication gap that is happening now. Chief Heun said this is the main reason the CAD mobile unit is needed. Police said the CAD unit would make important information available in dangerous situation.

"With that information we could know who we are dealing with prior to getting out of the car without having to go through the dispatch center," said Heun.

The CAD unit not only increases officer safety, police said it would increase their response time with GPS capabilities.

"[Dispatchers] will pull the closer car out of that sector to go to the call instead of sending a car clear across a sector to go to a call," said Barrineau.

The funding of the CAD mobile project is estimated at $500,000. Police said if the budget is approved, the money will be pulled from their Dyer County Emergency Management Fund.


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