Dyersburg School Superintendent Calls For Expedited Renovations

Erica Williams

DYERSBURG, Tenn- Dyersburg fire officials have ruled out foul play as a cause of the Tuesday morning blaze a Dyersburg High School.

Superintendent Neel Durbin, said the fire happened in an old storage room at the school, one of the last placed they expected to renovate as part of the district's 12-year renovation plan.

Just last month, Durbin presented a plan to the city's finance committee to expedite the process to five years. Although the renovations were spared from the blaze, the investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire in the old storage room.

"The first thought was that it would have been in the renovated part of the school because it's new and maybe something went wrong," said Durbin. "But we've got to begin more renovations."

Durbin said although the school is compliant with ADA requirements, it's not convenient and he wanted to continue renovations to prevent what happened Tuesday from occurring again.


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