DYERSBURG, Tenn- James Simonton said he's lucky to be alive. "The same bullet that hit me is the same bullet that hit and killed him," Simonton said. Simonton's friend, Quincy Terry was shot in the leg early Christmas morning and later died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. "I could have been a statistic right there with him," Simonton said. "Both of us could have been lying there dead." According to police, the shooting happened on Peabody street, where Simonton lives. Terry, along with Simonton and some of their friends, was standing outside at the time the shots were fired. A police precinct is adjacent to Simonton's house. "We need the police to do their job or more people are going to die," Devontae Davis, a neighbor who knew Terry, said. According to friends, Terry was the father of seven kids who he planned to spend the day with on Christmas. Now Simonton said he and Terry's family will be haunted by this holiday for years to come. Dyersburg Police are asking anyone with information regarding the shooting to contact the Police Department.