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EXCLUSIVE: Woolfork Breaks Silence, Admits Affair

Keli McAlister

JACKSON, Tenn. - After eleven days of silence, Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork spoke publicly about the scandal surrounding him.

Monday, in an exclusive and revealing interview, Woolfork admitted to an affair with Deputy Sharon Sangster and asked for forgiveness.

"I did have an inappropriate relationship with Sharon Sangster," Woolfork admitted.

Sangster was granted a temporary protection order against him Oct. 11, the day after an alleged domestic incident between the two at Sangster's home in west Jackson.

Woolfork maintains he did nothing to warrant a protection order. According to the sheriff, their relationship was consensual.

"I have asked God to forgive me. I've asked my wife and family to forgive me," Woolfork said. "Now, I'm asking the community for forgiveness."

In her petition for an order of protection, Sangster claims Woolfork had been drinking when he came to her home on Oct. 10 and acted as if "he was going to make her have sex with him."

Woolfork adamantly denies any wrong doing.

"I did not touch Ms. Sangster in any way inappropriately," he stated. "I certainly did not assault her as she alleged."

Sangster also alleges since she was hired in 2011, she had to perform sexual favors to keep her job. Her attorney has informed Madison County Attorney Steve Maroney, Sangster is filing a sexual harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She has not returned to work since the scandal with the sheriff went public. Sangster remains on unpaid leave. Woolfork returned to work on Oct. 15.

When asked if the people of Madison County should still trust him, Woolfork responded by saying simply saying yes. "I've served this community for 36 years and have been elected five consecutive times as sheriff," he said. "Yes, I've made an error in judgment. But I'm asking for the public's continued trust and certainly they can trust me."

Woolfork will appear in Madison County General Sessions Court before Shelby County Judge Phyllis Gardner, Wednesday, for the protection order hearing.


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