Farmers Report Earliest Corn Harvest in Decades

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn. - West Tennessee farmers have started the process of harvesting corn.

The worst drought in more than half a century has analysts expecting the smallest U.S. corn crop in five years.

Drew Bailey farms land in North Madison County. He planted corn on the property the day after Saint Patrick's Day.

What appeared to be a strong corn crop during the spring was devastated after lack of rain and too much heat.

Many farmers will be able to plant corn again next year thanks to Crop Insurance. Farmers pay a deductible and a premium. The pay is based in the percentage of past average crop yields.

Drew Bailey said, "Most years you hope never to use it. You don't want to have to have any crop insurance but a year like this your crop insurance is what is going to put in the crop for the next year."

Last year Bailey harvested corn in late August this year the harvest began in late July.


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