Julie Crider Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Crider

Laura Bannon

ALAMO, Tenn. - At Crockett County High School, learning science in Julie Crider's classroom is anything but boring.

Crider said, "I try to make it fun by coming up with motions. I'll have cheers, act it out, and run all over my room. My kids call me a spaz a lot, I am hyper but it keeps them interested."

This educator is also a cross country coach and she said she is not out there just to blow the whistle.

She said, "I do what the kids do so if we are going out to run five miles that day, I'm running with them."

For many of her students, college is right around the corner. Crider said because of this, she takes their education seriously.

"They are thinking about what they want to do and I love being apart of that process. Of helping them figure out what they want to do in life and what interests them," said Crider.

As an educator, Crider said it Is more than just teaching raw material. Crider explained, "It's about inspiring people to love learning. So even if they leave my classroom not loving to learn about biology, I hope I have inspired them to love the learning process."


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