Educator of the Week: Robertson

Erik Taylor

SAVANNAH, Tenn. -- Meet Kaylie Robertson a self contained special education teacher at Hardin County Middle School.

"My favorite part about it is seeing my kids be able to do things that nobody thought they can do or that people have underestimated them from doing," Robertson said.

Robertson takes extra time to make sure her students learn everything possible. Here personal approach allows her to overcome many of the unique challenges she faces during the school day.

"Some of the biggest challenges with kids with disabilities sometimes are their behaviors and maybe limited communication. They can't tell you what's wrong and they can't tell you why their doing what they're doing. So you just have to have the ability to step back, control your emotions, and reevaluate the situation." Robertson says.

Robertson is a distinguished graduate of both the University of Tennessee at Martin and Vanderbilt University where she received her Masters in Special Education. She has been teaching for 4 years all of which have been at Hardin County Middle School. .

"The person that really inspired me the most to be a teacher, especially a special education teacher was a lady that I worked with during my undergrad semesters at the University of Tennessee at Martin. She had a classroom of kids with autism and it just changed my life. This was the experience which really got me into teaching." Robertson says.

Robertson tries to mentor her students through this life-changing event while emulating her teacher of the past. She also has some powerful words of wisdom for her students as well.

"Well something that I told my students since Day 1 is that I want them to remember that God made them just the way they are. They have a great purpose and to not let anybody tell them that they can't do anything." Robertson said.

These strong words of wisdom and Robertson's ability to apply hands-on interactions with her students show that she is truly a phenomenal teacher.


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