Electric Bill Sticker Shock

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn.- The record high temperatures in June and most of early July has affected West Tennessee's utility bills. As a result, Jackson Energy Authority is reporting customers might see a 15-20 percent increase in their utility bills.

Sherry Bond said she is willing to keep cool and incur the high price. "It got a little high but you know, you got to do what you got to do. It's hot. You got to keep the air on."

Record breaking heat raised the temperatures to triple digits in June and many people turned on their fans and air-conditioners to cool off.

Bond said her utility bill has increased by $40. "Most of the time it is the month of July, it's like the hottest month."

JEA does have a program in place to help those who need assistance. The program is called "Round-Up" and has raised $14,461.10 in June. All the monies go to Area Relief Ministries to assist customers who qualify for utility assistance.


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