Dyersburg Electric Rates to Take A Hike

Erica Williams

DYERSBURG, Tenn- Some West Tennessee families will soon pay higher electric bills, and it's because customers used less energy during the cooler than normal summer.

Electric officials in Dyersburg said because of the cooler temperatures this year, residents used less energy.

"We used nine percent less in July and 13 percent less in August than we did last year," Stephen Lane, President of Dyersburg Electric Systems said.

But because of the temperatures, The Tennessee Valley Authority took a loss in revenue and now have to find ways to make up the costs, resulting in a 1.5 percent increase in monthly electric bills, effective October 1.

Some resident said they felt it's a lose-lose situation making it hard for them to save money. And although rates won't increase locally Lane said residents will have to be billed the extra rate, because of the TVA's new law.


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