East Chester County Elementary School Expanding

Laura Bannon

HENDERSON, Tenn. - A major renovation is underway this summer for East Chester County Elementary School. Staff members said they have been patiently waiting for these additions and are excited to watch their school grow in the coming years.

"We are so excited about the addition to our school because we are outgrowing this building, we'll have all the children in the building," said third grade teacher, Jill Egros.

10 new classrooms will be added. This addition will get all 450 children under one roof. In previous years, the students and staff had to move outside to portable buildings and safety was a main concern.

Karen Scott is the principal at the school and explained, "The children go out to PE and in through one of the doors out there and so we never felt like we had tight security."

Staff say overcrowding was not a problem just yet, but with Henderson being a fast-growing area there was a need to expand now for future students.

"As new people move into the community, our classrooms aren't overwhelmed just yet but it will allow for more classrooms for more teachers to spread out," said third grade teacher, Stacey Pruett.

Once construction is finished, classes will be completely moved out of the portable classrooms.

"With this edition the outside doors go right out into the play ground so we won't have to worry anymore we can lock down and have everybody under one roof and feel safe then we did before," Scott said.

The project was paid out of the school district's existing budget. The project is expected to be complete by the middle of November.


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