Elvis Exhibit Opens at UT-Martin

Laura Bannon

MARTIN, Tenn. - Who doesn't love Elvis Presley? That was the question of the day at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

The National Exhibitions and Archives is presenting a display on campus of pictures of "The King" when he was on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950s. Through a traveling time line, students and staff were able to view the photos and learn something new.

Sam Richardson is the UT-Martin Museum Curator. He believes everyone loves Elvis. That was why he said it was so easy to make the decision about hosting the exhibit.

Natalie Medling is a UT-Martin students and said, "Elvis is still a trend setter. Students can still relate too. He is a known name by everyone in the community, everyone can find someway to enjoy this exhibit."

There are 27 photographers in the display.

Richardson said, "The Ed Sullivan show introduced rock and roll to the main public. Before his appearance, rock and roll was a niche most Americans didn't think it was great. Then here comes Elvis all of a sudden it explodes."

Aside from the behind the scenes pictures, Richardson hopes students can dig deep and take away the lifestyle of Elvis Presley. "A lot of students come from small rural communities and it shows that you can make it coming out of any small community as long as you work hard and put effort into what you do," he added

The museum is open to the public during school hours. The display will be on campus until May 31.


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