Employees Say Local Jail Is Haunted

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn- Do you believe in Ghosts? A group of workers in Bolivar do; and they said their former place of work is haunted.

Employees at the Old Hardeman County Jail said they've seen ghosts in the building; and the fact that deed records show it was built on an old cemetery only reinforces their belief.

"When I heard it was built on a graveyard I got scared," Eva Crisp, a Hardeman County Jail employee said.

She and other employees said the ghosts would normally come out at night and roam the facilities.

"The inmates have seen them and I'm not crazy and I've seen them," Gina Pittman, a Sargent at the Hardeman County Jail said.

Workers said before they moved into their new facility, they saw ghosts in the old jail, specifically a man dressed in black and a woman in a white dress.

The old jail was built almost 150 years after the cemetery. An orange flag shows where the jail's land starts; but there is no marker showing where the cemetery ends.


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