Footage from Deadly Karma Shoot-Out

JACKSON, Tenn. -WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive footage from the night of the shooting at Karma Ultralounge.

In the red circle we can see Travis Steed who dives onto the floor and starts shooting. In the white circle is the DJ booth where the fight broke out.

Travis Steed, who was accused of the murder of a Memphis man, has been convicted of second degree murder.

The jury handed down the verdict Friday afternoon. He was found not guilty on aggravated assault and attempted first degree murder charges. Steed was found guilty of attempted second degree murder.

Deliberations in the case began Friday morning. Jurors spent around three hours deliberating.

Steed was convicted of killing LeCarlos Todd inside the Karma Ultralounge. Police said Steed fired a gun into a group of people in February 2012.

Travis Steed is scheduled to be sentenced October 10. He is being held without bond until his sentencing.


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