Explosives Leads to Noise Complaints

Modupe Idowu

Binary explosives. It is a substance that is disturbing the peace in Henry County. Residents who live in the Buchanan area said they can not go on with what they describe as bombs going off in their neighborhoods.

The Henry County Sheriff's Department said target shooters are the culprits using binary explosives but the use of the substances are perfectly legal, according to Henry County officials.

The new past time in the Buchanan area has some residents trembling.

"Windows rattle. You can even feel the house shake, like an earthquake sort of . And it's just really really loud," said concerned resident Kelly Christensen.

All it takes is the white substance and a rifle to create a huge explosion.

"We believe one of the key ingredients in this is tannerite and a couple of different companies make this. It's basically a two- compound ingredient," said Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew.

What happens once the bullet meets the powder has target shooters begging for more.

"Target shooters want to see the explosion. It creates a large white smoke when it explodes which is kind of unique," said Belew.

Residents just think it is annoying.

'"Some of older folks are irritated by it, especially because it's been done at night-time," said Christensen.

In fact residents said the legal popular hobby has startled them as late as 11 o'clock at night, and they want the bomb-like sounds to stop ringing through their neighborhood.

"We've got one set of people that like it, and one set that don't like it. We're trying to come together to see both sides of the fence,"said Sheriff Belew.

To compromise, Henry County officials plan to issue citations for disorderly conduct and noise ordinance violations. They plan to create a curfew for target shooters and hope to keep shooters out of heavily populated residential areas.


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