Exxon Owner Allegedly Selling Synthetic Marijuana for Second Time

Cyndi Lundeberg

ALAMO, Tenn. - The Crockett County Sheriff's Department says some customers at a local EXXON were purchasing more than just gas. In the past week investigators recovered five 'packs' of synethetic marijuana from the station.

Drake Harber lives in the area, he says all he's heard about the drug is how dangerous it is.
"I haven't heard a lot about it, but i know its really bad and that it can pretty much kill you," and Investigators agree .

Crockett County Investigator Jordan Spraggins said Synthetic Marijuana is a man made hallucinogenic drug. He said it uses harmful chemicals to mimic the effect of cannabis, only the synthetic version is much more dangerous.

"We've had kids with accelerated heart rates chest pains. We've heard cases where kids were temporarily paralyzed from the chemical that's sprayed on it . So that's why we took it very serious," Spraggins said.

Crockett county investigators say an undercover officer purchased the drug from the Exxon. This Exxon isn't the only place to get it though, Investigators say the drug can be bought online from anywhere around the world.

33-year old Housam S. Gbara was first arrested in January for selling the drug and was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, drug paraphernalia, intent to sell and conspiracy. Thursday, while awaiting trial he was arrested for selling the drug again. Gbara posted his $10,000 bail and is back on the streets.

Investigator Spraggins said stopping one person from selling the synthetic drug is a step in the right direction.

"We were actually having kids who ambulances were being called because of the reaction to the narcotics."

Gbara also owns three other gas stations in three different counties. Crockett County Law Enforcement says it is passing information along to those counties so those stations can be monitored as well. Gbara will be in court on Thursday.


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