FAA Investigates JPD Helicopter Crash

7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn. - Investigators with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) surveyed the crash site and Air One, the Jackson Police Department's helicopter, Monday.

The aircraft crashed late Saturday afternoon while on the way to a shooting scene. Sgt. Gerald Wiltshire was able to crash land the helicopter into the Mount Calvary Cemetery. Neither he nor the other officer on board, Tony Valdes, were seriously hurt.

"I believe that our pilot took some commendable action in getting down like he did," said Deputy Chief Barry Michael. "He got down safely where no one was seriously hurt." According to Deputy Chief Michael, both officers were still pretty sore on Monday, but doing well.

Officials with the department say despite the crash, JPD will still have eyes in the sky. "We have another helicopter that we have had all along," said Deputy Chief Michael. "It's not painted blue and white, but we do have a second helicopter and we'll be able to use it to aid in investigations."

No official cause for the crash has been released. The FAA will make that determination.


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