FDA Issues Warning after Energy Drink Linked to Deaths

Caitlyn Jones

A new investigation by the FDA suggests that a popular energy drink could be linked to deaths across the country.

A mother of a 14 year old Maryland girl is suing Monster Corporation in the death of her daughter after she reportedly drank two cans of Monster Energy Drink in one day. Since 2009, four other deaths and a heart attack have been linked to Monster.

Monster said they had nothing to do with these deaths in any way.

Dr. Peter Gardner, with Physicians Quality Care in Jackson, warns that energy drinks can be dangerous to children or people with heart conditions.

Energy drinks are not regulated by the FDA so Dr. Gardner says parents should limit their children's intake.

"Just as you wouldn't want your kids to be consuming massive amounts of coffee at age 12 or smoking, you need to regulate energy drinks," he added.

Dr. Gardner tells us it is also dangerous to mix energy drinks like Monster with alcohol.


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