FDA to Investigate Energry Drinks

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - A huge spike in the number of deaths in the past few years prompted the government to push the FDA to investigate.This new year, the FDA will be looking into hundreds of deaths and illnesses allegedly caused by energy drinks.

Jackson resident Sarah Bricker says she has seen the affects energy drinks can cause. "My husband [drank them] for a little while and they made his heart beat really fast," she said.

Besides an increased heart rate, death, heart attacks, miscarriages and even suicides have all been linked to energy drinks according to the FDA.

Despite these potential health risks Americans helped the energy drink industry become the fastest growing beverages of last year. More than $10 billion dollars was spent on energy drinks in 2012.

Steven Thret said he consumes an energy drink four to five times a week. "Everybody gets them, everybody I know drinks them."

According to the FDA, between 2005 and 2010 hospitalizations from energy drinks increased ten fold.

"I mean I know it's bad for you but everything's bad for you. I wake up in the morning early gotta get going it gets me going," said Thret.

Even though Energy Drinks categorize themselves as nutritional supplements, dieticians said energy drinks have no place in a balanced diet.

"I would highly recommend they change or modify their you drink the caffeine in the large amounts of it you become addicted," says Sharon Thornton, of Thornton Dieticians .

The FDA investigation is currently underway.


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