Family Claims Abuse After Homicide in Humboldt

Heather Mathis

GIBSON CO., Tenn.- The family of a woman killed in Humboldt early Saturday is speaking out claiming she was in an abusive relationship with the man charged with her death.

Eddie Warlick was officially charged, Tuesday with first degree murder after his girlfriend Bernice Boykin was found dead in his apartment.

Boykin's family said she was in an abusive relationship for months and even witnessed Warlick's violent behavior.

"At first he started out to be a pretty good guy but he seemed like he was always angry about something all the time," said her brother Steve Boykin.

"I've seen the person that he is, the violent person that he is," claimed family member Patricia Copper.

Boykin did not report abuse allegations to the police.

"We tried to stop it and tell her, but she just wouldn't listen to us," said Copper.

Although Boykin's family said her story ended in tragedy, they added they hoped it encourages anyone in an abusive relationship to get out.

"Call someone, a friend, a family member, sisters, or brothers. Let someone know you are going through that," expressed Steve.

Investigators said they are looking into the abuse claims.


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