Family Devastated After Fire Destroys Home

Ben Rainwater

TRENTON, Tenn. - A West Tennessee saved his son from a fire as their home burned to a crisp, leaving nearly nothing behind.

"The boys got their clothes, and the rest of it is gone," said homeowner Johnny Butler. "Nothing else is saved."

Butler said the homes power went out around 8 a.m., Friday. He said a funny odor made its way through the house, but he did not see anything wrong. He went outside to investigate and noticed his house was on fire.

"By the time the fire department got here, and they got here quick, it was done engulfed in flames," said Butler.

Once he saw the fire, Butler said his biggest concern was his youngest son, who was sound asleep inside the burning home.

"I kicked the door in, got him out, and (the home) was about gone then," said Butler.

"If he wasn't there, I probably would've been done," said Justin Butler.

For now, the Butlers remain stunned and confused. But they said they will regroup and continue to recover from the disaster.

"I've heard of this happening to other people, and you know, it's bad," said Johnny Butler. "But when it happens to you, you don't know what to do. We don't know what to do. It's like starting over.

The Butlers plan to live with family members until they can find a new home. The Gibson County Fire Department said the fire started in the attic from what appears to be an electrical short.


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