Family Warns Parents After Toddler Near Drowns in Pool

Erica Williams

YORKVILLE, Tenn. -- Ella Kimbro, 3, nearly drowned in her family's pool last week.

"She was lifeless," Christy, Ella's mom said. "She was blue and cold."

Ella's parents said last Thursday, she and her older brothers were outside playing as both of them watched nearby. Christy said she went into the house to change clothes as her husband, Johnny, worked in the yard.

Christy was inside for less than five minutes, but it was enough time for Ella to make her way to the pool in their backyard.

"My whole life flashed before my eyes without my daughter," Christy said.

The Kimbros have a latch lock on the gate of the pool, but said Ella was able to reach over and unlock it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, children between the ages of 1 and 4 are at most risk of drowning. Most of the incidents happen in home swimming pools.

Ella's father, who is a nurse, said one of the reasons he believes Ella is still here is because he knows CPR.

"I think the outcome would have been different if I hadn't administered CPR on her," Johnny said.

Along with being CPR certified, the Kimbros recommended locking the pool at all times and most importantly, never let children out of your sight.

"With a 3-year-old, you can't take your eyes off of them for one second," Christy said. "By me just changing clothes, she was almost dead."

After almost a week in the hospital, Ella and the Kimbros are back to normal. The family says they plan to get a taller gate with an alarm.


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