"Farm Watch" Program Cutting Down on Vandalism

Erica Williams

DYER Co. Tenn- A new program in Dyer County is hoping to help crack down on the increasing number of farm vandalisms in the county.

Dyer County Sheriff, Jeff Box, started the Farm Watch Program to provide added security to rural farmers. This week he unveiled the program at the Dyer County Fair, where many of the attendees are farmers.

Sheriff Box said over the years, he's noticed more thefts and vandalisms in rural areas in the county.

"Farms are rural open ground areas that are usually not well lit," said Sheriff Box. "Making them targets for theft."

Sheriff Box said the program will try to combat the increase in crime with more targeted patrols by deputies and allowing farmers to work together to protect themselves and other farmers. The program includes new cameras to monitor rural areas, text message alerts, and a network of communication between farmers.

"We can't sit up all night and watch our farms all night," said John Dodson, a farmer. "So we're encouraged by a program like this."

Farmers said they hope the program sends a message to thieves.

To find out more information about the Farm Watch, contact the Dyer County Sheriff's Department.


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