Farmers Learn Leadership Skills at Ag Star Seminar

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.- Local farmers gathered at the UT Ag Center for the 12th annual Ag Star Program to cultivate their leadership skills.

During the seminars farmers learned communication skills, along with self-awareness, self-awareness, self confidence and how to understand the issues that impact agriculture.

One participant said this program helps not only the farmers, but it gives them the chance to bring their knowledge to the public.

"Learning leadership skills and knowing how to set out and bring that positive focus about agriculture to the general public is helping with the job," Amanda Mathenia, an Ag Star participant.

"So many more people are becoming disconnected from agriculture our national root and I feel like it is important to us to have leaders that can inspire others," said Jon Quinn, another Ag Star participant.

Ag Star is a program, designed to empower agricultural producers and businesses through developmental skills and to promote the quality of rural life.


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